Classic Mandala Style Storage Box

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Product name: DIY point drill storage box
Material: high-quality composite board + acrylic decorative mirror + special-shaped bright diamond
style: mandala
Size: About 20x15x4.5cm/7.87x5.91x1.77inch
Packaging: color box packaging

DIY spot drill production steps:
1. Open the package and check whether the tools for diamond painting are complete;
2. According to the resin diamond color code, choose a color on the plate, if the same color is pasted at one time, the speed can be increased;
3. Find the corresponding color number code on the box and start pasting until it is finished;
4. After the completion, in order to make the diamonds on the box stable, you can take some books and put them on the box for a while;
5. Finally completed, you can frame your results, decorate your accessories and add vitality to your cosmetics.
Dear, pay attention! We sell semi-finished jewelry box, not finished, just need to DIY glue on diamonds

This is a DIY diamond product, it is not finished, you need to finish it yourself. All products are measured manually, please allow 1-2cm deviation.
The color of the item may be slightly different from the picture due to different light and screen. beg to be excused

1. The wooden box can store cosmetics, odds and ends decorations, loose change, etc.
2. Gives you easy access to rings, earrings, necklaces, cufflinks and brooches
3. Orderly Storage: Keep everything in one place away from the clutter of dressers, countertops, dressers and desks. Keep Your Jewelry Always Clean
4. This jewelry box will not conflict with your home or office decoration, the display effect is exquisite, the middle of the box is inlaid with small acrylic mirror and diamond mandala pattern against each other, presenting a classical beauty
5. An IDEAL gift for yourself, friends, someone in the office or someone special in your life.

Package Content:

1 x Jewelry Organizer
1 x Spot Drill Tool Accessories (Drill, Spot Drill Pen, Spot Drill Mud, Spot Drill Disc)