Outdoortide Black Friday Sale !🎉

Promotion 1: No threshold $8 coupon

(Use the discount code to place an order and get $8 off, use the discount code to place an order and get $8 off. This time it is no longer a percentage, but the coupon amount.)

Discount code: OOTBlackFriday08

Quantity of discount codes: 200 in total, first come first served.

Number of uses: limited to one use per person

Promotion 2: Discount for full items: (automatic discount when placing an order)

Buy 1 Get 10% OFF
Buy 5 Get 15% OFF
Buy 10 Get 20% OFF
Buy 15 Get 23% OFF
Buy 20 Get 25% OFF

Event time: November 12, 2023 to November 30, 2023

Please note 1: Promotion 1 and Promotion 2 can be used together (for example, if you order 10 products, you can get 20% OFF, and then use the discount code: OOTBlackFriday08, you can save 8$, the 2 promotions can be used in combination Oh)